As most of my family and close friends will know I have a great passion for watches. From a young child I was mesmerised by my Grandfather’s 1980’s Rolex day date. That’s when it all started. Never a day would pass with me having a bare wrist. My mum had to sneak into my bedroom each evening to remove my white casio classic digital from my arm with fear my hand would go blue and fall off. As I grew older I fell in love with the minimalistic designs of the leather strapped 1950’s Omega sea masters and 1960’s Rolex precisions. The craftsmanship and design of such watches is iconic and a symbol of sophistication. Unfortunately this stunning wrist wear is very hard to come by and your talking telephone numbers to purchase. Being born and bred in Belfast my vision was to create a vintage style watch brand with a modern touch and a taste of home displayed across the face. After many a sleepless night and a lot of research on watch casings, movements and strap materials, I was able to create a brand of high quality minimalistic timepieces at very affordable prices. Ashton Watch Company Belfast was born on January 13th 2016 and is deeply loved by the family run team.

The name Ashton means the world to me and derives from the first 3 letters in my fiancées name Ashleigh (ASH) and the last 3 letters in my son’s name Preston (TON). We really appreciate all the support and hope to hear from you all on or after our release date on March 22nd 2016.  AWC

Many thanks,

Founder Stuart McRoberts